The Worst Of Evil (2023)

✨Now………. a good gangster movie that I used to follow, Ongoing, released near the end of 2023. I got the link so I’m posting it. 😚The poster shows the two actors first 🔥In this movie, one of the policemen is a gangster, and the policeman is pretending to be a gangster.
🎬The Worst Of Evil🔥 (2023) #FbLink Start-End
🌟🌟 I want to see the gang star car. If the actors have to be stupid, then watch it ✌️❤️
💝 It’s going to be a movie that everyone will like with a lot of rawness. 💝
Brief story 🍀
A drug called gan-nam tha ling kyauk started spreading from the nightclubs of Hasol city.
When the police investigated about this drug, they found out that the person distributing this drug was really a cruel drug kingpin, and when this person was a difficult person to arrest…

အပိုင်း ၁ အပိုင်း ၂ အပိုင်း ၃ အပိုင်း ၄ အပိုင်း ၅ အပိုင်း ၆ အပိုင်း ၇ အပိုင်း ၈ အပိုင်း ၉ အပိုင်း ၁၀ အပိုင်း ၁၁ အပိုင်း ၁၂






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