Sayar Aung Thin

After finishing the fourth grade, he continued to teach secondary education at Moe Thi Myanmar High School in Taung Dunggyi City. In the sixth grade of 1938, he faced a student strike.

In 1949, when the colored rebels emerged, he was arrested by white soldiers and imprisoned in Magwe Prison. South Cave Prison Reconciliation Had to live in prisons. In November, he broke through the prison and escaped. I wrote a personal article about ‘When I was in jail’ and sent it to Shumawa magazine. However, at that time, Shumwa decided not to include content related to the civil war, so he sent the article back. Then it was sent to the Myawati magazine, and in the May 1959 issue of the Myawati magazine, an article was published about the time when Sarak broke out of prison. That article is Aung Thin’s first literary work. Arts class in 1960, Burmese language and fine literature. English Language and Literature; He was successful in philosophy. In Pathein magazine published by Yangon University students, he wrote (2) articles (an article titled “The Chairman Before Being a Dead Man” and another article) and one (1) translation of an English poem under the pen name Maung Tham Naing. In 1961, while attending BED, he successfully passed the “Entitlement to Attend Burmese Literature Master’s Qualification Course” under Professor U Wan of the Department of Burmese Literature. He became a coach at Yangon University in 1962. He is the literary director of the 50-page magazine “Sasotaw”. In that publication, he wrote 3-4 articles every month and reused the name ‘Maung Chan Naing’. I wrote (3) slogans in the “Kak Kor Myain slogans” group, and (2) were middle school at that time. Enacted by the school among high school Burmese prose elites.


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