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  • Graham


    ဂရေဟမ် It seems like Graham has a talent for singing and enjoys it both as a solo performer and when singing as a couple. This implies that he has a good voice and is able to showcase it effectively in various settings. Additionally, the mention of him being a father of two daughters suggests that…

  • Mar Mar Aye

    Mar Mar Aye

    မာမာအေး ဂန္နဝင် အဆိုတော် 1942-2024 Mama Aye, the legendary Burmese singer, was an icon whose soulful voice resonated with countless hearts and transcended boundaries. Known for his mesmerizing performances, he graced the airwaves with a plethora of Burmese songs, captivating his listeners with his unmatched talent and unforgettable melodies. These songs not only became immensely popular…

  • Doubjel


    Double J is a phenomenally talented singer with a distinct style that captivates audiences. He effortlessly blends melodies, rap, and hip-hop, showcasing his incredible musical prowess. Double J’s versatility is evident as he seamlessly transitions between genres and adapts his voice to suit each song. His commitment to excellence, relatable lyrics, and electrifying stage presence…

  • Lay Phyu

    Lay Phyu

    Lay Phyu is his name. He is renowned for his great songs and singing; however, he mostly covers Western songs. His style is characterized by heavy tunes. Young boys are fond of his music.

  • Iren Zimar myint

    Iren Zimar myint

    She is a small but gifted singer with a mesmerizing voice. Despite her size, her talent shines through when she sings. Her passion, determination, and hard work have propelled her to success. With her enchanting voice, she captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact.

  • Saw Win Lwin,Christian Songwriter 2022

    Saw Win Lwin,Christian Songwriter 2022

    Melodious Maestro: Celebrating the Life of Saw Win Lwin, Myanmar’s Beloved Christian Songwriter

  • Melodic Magic: R Zarni,

    Melodic Magic: R Zarni,

    Melodic Maestro: R Zarni, Myanmar’s Musical Muse

  • Taylor Swift: The Enchanting Melody of a Pop Icon

    Taylor Swift: The Enchanting Melody of a Pop Icon

    Taylor Swift: The Magical Melody of a Pop Icon

  • Pa Choke Sayertaw

    Pa Choke Sayertaw

    The teachings of Pa Choke Sayertaw provide a fresh perspective on the Buddha’s teachings to prevent misconceptions. Sending love eliminates the need for engaging with deceased individuals. It is important to classify who should receive this love and who should not.

  • Wyne Su Khaing Thein ဝိုင်းဆုခိုင်သိန်း

    Wyne Su Khaing Thein ဝိုင်းဆုခိုင်သိန်း

    Discover the enchanting melodies of Wyne Su Khaing Thein, Myanmar’s beloved singer. Explore her captivating songs that have won hearts despite her eventful personal life.

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