Goodbye Earth (2024)

“What would you do if the world ended in 200 days?”
This series, which is based on a Japanese movie and will be broadcast on Netflix, stars Ahn Eun-Jin, the actress from “My Dearest”, which won the best drama of the year award. Yoo Ah-in from “Seoul Vibe, Hellbound” Jeong Sung-Woo, the character from “The Fiery Priest” In addition to Kim Yoon-Hye from “Shooting Star,” the cast includes veteran artists.
An asteroid will hit Earth within 200 days
When humans realized that the world was about to end, chaos began to occur on Earth. Upon hearing this news, Jin Se-Kyung (Ahn Eun-Jin), a middle school teacher, decides to quit her job as a teacher and volunteer at City Hall’s child care center to save endangered children. Her boyfriend, Ha Yoon-Sang (Yoo Ah-In), is a researcher at a biotechnology institute in America, and after hearing the news that the world is about to end, he returns to Korea to live with his loved ones.
After hearing this news, the temple’s ruling priest fled, so assistant priest Woo Sung-Jae (Jeong Sung-Woo) is in charge of the people who attend the church, and Kang In-A (Kim Yoon-Hye) is one of the special forces assigned to support the city of Unchun, which is in chaos.
When they realize that the world is going to be destroyed, it depicts how people become stressed and their morals change due to anxiety. Let’s watch and enjoy from SC how the strong special forces who will protect and support the destroyed city and the strong special forces who will keep their grief and protect the people who go to the church will face the difficulties and overcome the psychological conditions…..







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